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About ACE'S ~ Overview & History        
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ACE'S (short for ACE’S STOCK RESEARCH) has developed a body of knowledge and techniques -- through years of dogged research and development -- that has enabled  ACE'S to identify, with a decent degree of consistency, a number of stocks that realized exceptional price appreciation. ACE'S also has the insight that the stock market gives no certitude to the outcome of one's investments. In this realm of uncertainty, ACE'S ventures and tries to divine the future and pick stocks that could achieve the its appreciation objective. 


ACE'S was launched, as a web-based publisher of stock research, on about October 23, 2000.  ACE'S have published weekly since its launch date. The stock picks of ACE'S are offered to the public on a subscription basis. 
ACE'S goal is to identify stocks that are estimated to increase in price by 20% or more in or within 12 months.  ACE'S stock picks, from October 2000 to December 8, 2020, have an averaged 12-month gain of 17.61% (vs. the S&P 500 Index gain, for the same period, of 5.06%).  On a 10-year basis, ACE'S stock picks, from October 2000 to December 8, 2020 have an averaged 10-year gain of 197.42% (vs. the S&P 500 Index gain, for the same period, of 79.22%).  Compared to the historical inflation-adjusted annual rate of return for the Dow and S&P 500 Index of about 7.0%
ACE'S has, among its picks, exceptional 10-year performers: Monster Beverage Corp., Terra Nitrogen Co., Holly Corp. and Jos. A.Banks Clothiers among this elect group (with 2438%, 1,929%, 1,829% and 1,697% 10-year gains respectively).  ACE'S also have noteworthy 12-month performers: Titanium Metals Inc., Hansen Natural Corp., and CarMax Corp. (with 565.74%, 380.21% and 243.74% 12-month gains respectively).
On January 2015, ACE'S STOCKS ACES was renamed: "ACE'S STOCK RESEARCH" (with the web address of:  ACE'S also maintains a subsidiary website, the repository of its historical data, at
On January 2017, ACE'S launched its "Choice Picks" (for the current year) page. Choice Picks are stocks picked at the beginning of the year that are projected by ACE'S will appreciate more than a specified value (e.g., 18% for 2017) by the end of the current year. ACE'S Choice Picks are selected from ACE'S past picks and are stocks with a set of pre-defined properties that are indicative of those stocks' future appreciable price behavior.
The five (5) stocks in the current year's Choice Picks are in the Lumber - Wood Production, Regional Airlines, Heavy Construction, Diversified Machinery, and Industrial Equipment & Components industry. The Choice Picks are listed on ACE'S Stock Picks \ Choice Picks page and are for "Members Only" viewing.


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