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ACE'S looks for good stocks ...

 ACE'S (short for ACE'S STOCK RESEARCH) has
developed a body of knowledge and techniques
-- through years of dogged research and development --
that has enabled  ACE'S to identify, with a decent degree
of consistency, stocks that have performed better than the
S&P 500's performance.
ACE'S  looks for stocks whose prices are estimated to appreciate 20% (and higher) in 12 months.   ACE'S is cognizant of the insight that the stock market gives no certitude to the outcome of one's selections or investments. In this realm of uncertainty,  ACE'S ventures and tries to divine the future and pick stocks that could achieve the stated appreciation objective. 
ACE'S was launched and have been published weekly since October 23, 2000. ACE'S picks one timely stock pick each week (the market allowing). The services of ACE'S are offerred to the public on a Members-only subscription basis. 
ACE'S research, high gain performance stock picks

                                    ... and found great ones!

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ACE'S has, among its picks, exceptional 10-year performers: Monster Beverage Corp., Terra Nitrogen Co., Holly Corp. and Jos. A.Banks Clothiers among this elect group (with 2,438%, 1,929%, 1,829% and 1,697% 10-year gains respectively).  ACE'S also have noteworthy 12-month performers: Titanium Metals Inc., Hansen Natural Corp., and CarMax Corp. (with 565.74%, 380.21% and 243.74% 12-month gains respectively).

The search continues ...

We continue the quest ... we continue our venture to the future ... we continue to seek those few stocks with the rare qualities belonging to exceptional stock performers. And we continue to make discoveries. Join us in the venture ... share the excitement ... and share the providence of our discoveries!  

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